Village Health Outreach Program

Community health programs modeled after a strategy designed by the World Health Organization have enabled Augusta Victoria Hospital to reach an exceptional number of patients affected by non-communicable disease. Through partnerships with area clinics throughout Palestine, AVH and its partners have been able to operate within a transitional primary care system. In 2015, the mobile clinics served 154 communites, 70 of which were new for AVH. 


Mobile Diabetes Clinic

In 2014, a new community health program targeting diabetes was started. Mobile unites run by AVH medical specialists and nurses travel daily to key locations in southern Palestine to provide high quality diabetic care. In cooperation with the Palestinian Ministry of Health, AVH staff treat patients seeking eye, foot, and diabetes care. 

Mobile Mammography Clinic

The Mobile Mammography Clinic has been engaging communities throughout Palestine in breast cancer awareness since 2010. When AVH opened the Cancer Care Center, almost 70% of patients seeking breast cancer treatment were in the late stages of the disease and required palliative care. With this in mind, the mobile mammography and screening programs was born. In 2014, the program reached nearly 6000 women, and the AVH Cancer Care Center now reports only 52% of the patients seeking breast cancer treatment are in the late stages and require palliative care.