We are committed to accountable and transparent ways of working with all stakeholders


Commitment to Accountability

The Lutheran World Federation, through its humanitarian and development arm World Service, is a member of the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) Alliance on Quality and Accountability and subscribes to the nine commitments of the CHS. We consider the commitments under the Standard critical in continuously improving the quality and effectiveness of the work that we do for and with the affected population.

Before the launch of the CHS in 2014, LWF was certified against the Humanitarian Accountability Partnership (HAP). Now as a member of the CHS Alliance, LWF remains committed to quality and accountability by strengthening accountability practices, particularly in the areas of information sharing, participation, and complaints handling mechanisms.

Introduction to CHS:

Introduction to the Core Humanitarian Standard - English

Introduction to the Core Humanitarian Standard – Arabic

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DWS Complaints Mechanism Policy and Procedures

LWF Jerusalem is a country program of the Lutheran World Federation’s Department for World Service (DWS), which puts responding to complaints from stakeholders at the core of its commitment to accountability.

The DWS Complaints Mechanism Policy and Procedure defines what a complaint is and the areas of responsibility of LWF/DWS staff, as well as detailing how to register, process and investigate a complaint.

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LWF Staff Code of Conduct

The LWF Staff Code of Conduct Regarding Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, Abuse of Power, Fraud and Corruption helps all LWF employees to make ethical decisions in their professional and private lives.

The code refers to any misuse of power and exploitation in the working relationships among LWF employees and with those they serve, in areas of sexual exploitation and abuse, harassment, fraud and corruption, and unethical business practices. All LWF employees are required to adhere to the Code of Conduct.

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