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Augusta Victoria Hospital Videos


Isak Abu Sbieh's Story (2016)

Isak Abu Sbieh is a Palestinian dialysis patient at the Lutheran World Federation‘s Augusta Victoria Hospital (AVH) in East Jerusalem. Abu Sbieh lives in Kafr Aqb, an Arab village just beyond the Kalandia checkpoint north of Jerusalem. Three times a week, Abu Sbieh must pass back and forth through the Kalandia checkpoint on his way to AVH for diaysis. Created by Tim Frakes Productions (1:58)


A Glimpse of AVH from CEO Walid Nammour (2016)

Take a look at Augusta Victoria Hospital through the eyes of CEO Walid Nammour. Learn about the services that AVH provides for Palestinians throughout Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza and about the joy that AVH brings to Mr. Nammour. Created by Tim Frakes Productions (2:20)


LWF Jerusalem Elder Care and Palliative Medicine Institute (2016)

Learn about the most recent updates on LWF Jerusalem's Elder Care and Palliative Medicine Institute. Created by Tim Frakes Productions (1:16)


Planned Elder Care Facility at Augusta Victoria Hospital, Jerusalem (2014)

There is an urgent need for elder care and palliative medicine in Palestine and Israel. Augusta Victoria Hospital is responding to that need by building a 120-bed facility for elder care and palliative care on the east side of the hospital. This facility will help both patients and their families cope with the difficulties of their circumstances. Created by Tim Frakes Productions (2:02)


Serving Gaza: AVH Efforts to Ensure Access to Health Care (2014)

AVH and the LWF work hard to ensure the rights of patients in the West Bank and Gaza to access health care.  Augusta Victoria Hospital in East Jerusalem provides specialty services that are not available anywhere else in Gaza or the West Bank. Created by Tim Frakes Productions (3:10)


Augusta Victoria Hospital's Mobile Mammography Unit Promotes Early Detection of Cancer (2014)

Meet some of the Augusta Victoria Hospital staff and partners in the West Bank who are working together to promote early detection for breast cancer.  The LWF's Augusta Victoria Hospital has been operating a mobile mammography unit in the West Bank since 2010. Created by Tim Frakes Productions (3:12)


Amer Abu Laila Tells His Story (2014)

This moving segment, videotaped in the LWF's Augusta Victoria Hospital in Jerusalem, tells the story of 12-year-old Amer Abu Laila, a cancer survivor treated and cared for at AVH.  Amer shares his hope for all patients. Created by Tim Frakes Productions (2:12)


George Abu Saadah's Story (2014)

AVH Treatment and Care:  George Abu Saadah has been coming to Augusta Victoria Hospital for kidney dialysis for 14 years. George speaks about his experience at AVH and some of the changes he has witnessed over this period. Created by Tim Frakes Productions (3:10)


AVH/LWF Mobile Diabetes Clinic (2014)

On 22 February 2014, Augusta Victoria Hospital’s community program celebrated the inauguration of the first mobile diabetes clinic to serve the southern part of Palestine. The mobile clinic is equipped with a diabetes clinic, eye clinic, and a foot care clinic. Created by Tim Frakes Productions (3:03)


Red Nose Clown Doctors (2014)

Each week the Red Nose Clown Doctors come to Augusta Victoria Hospital to help lift the spirits of young patients there receiving life-saving treatment for cancer and kidney failure.  Augusta Victoria Hospital provides many specialty services to West Bank and Gaza patients. Created by Tim Frakes Productions (2:31)


Augusta Victoria Hosptial: A Sign of Hope in a Troubled Land (2010)

Created by Canadian Lutheran World Relief (5:18)


Augusta Victoria Hosptial (2008)

Created by Tim Frakes Productions (6:55)


Vocational Training Program Videos


LWF Jerusalem Vocational Training Center Short Courses (2016)

Students at The Lutheran World Federation Jerusalem Program's Vocational Training Center in Beit Hanina learn job skills. Unemployment among Palestinian youth in the West Bank hovers around 40 percent. 9 out of 10 graduates from the LWF's VTC program find employment upon completion of their programs. Created by Tim Frakes Productions (2:37)


Vocational Training Program (2014)

Students from all over the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, participate in the LWF’s Vocational Training Program.  The LWF training centers in Beit Hanina and Ramallah offer a variety of opportunities, from short courses to two-year programs, with the aim of helping young women and men learn valuable trades that meet market demands and that are likely to help students find employment after graduating from the program. Created by Tim Frakes Productions (3:14)


The Lutheran World Federation Jerusalem Program Videos


LWF Mount of Olives Sports Field (2014)

The At Tur neighborhood in East Jerusalem is enjoying the transformation of the LWF Mount of Olives Sports Field. What was once a dusty, rocky, dirt field is now a state-of-the-art soccer pitch with artificial turf and lights that stay on late into the night as community clubs and neighborhood children practice and play on the field. Created by Tim Frakes Productions (3:24)


Sanctuary, Healing in a Holy Land (2014)

On 14 September 2014, Augusta Victoria Hospital and The LWF Jerusalem Program were featured in a documentary produced by Frakes Productions. The documentary was televised in Chicago on ABC-7. Created by Tim Frakes Productions (28:28)