Program Overview

The Lutheran World Federation Jerusalem Program

The Lutheran World Federation’s Jerusalem Program  is one of the Lutheran World Federation's oldest and largest humanitarian programs. It has been running projects related to health, education, and humanitarian aid in the Palestinian Territories for over 65 years. 

Augusta Victoria Hospital

The Augusta Victoria Hospital is the oldest of these projects. The hospital serves all in need, regardless of race, religion, nationality, gender, or ability to pay, but does so with an emphasis on helping refugees and the poor.

Vocational Training Program

The Vocational Training Program instructs students in the areas of carpentry, auto mechanics, metalwork, plumbing, and telecommunications. The centers in Beit Hanina and in Ramallah provide youth with a creative outlet for their energy and give them skills to compete in the difficult job market.

Village Health Outreach

We do stuff in other places.

Scholarship Program

The Scholarship Program provides assistance to bright young Palestinian students who could not otherwise afford to pursue a university degree.

Material Aid

Since the late 1940's the LWF has served as a distrubution center for material aid resources sent from donor organizations to assist Palestinian refugees. Today, much of the Palestinian population remains in need of basic materials and the LWF Jerusalem Program continues to distribute such aid.

Augusta Victoria Hospital

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