Liberated by God’s grace, a communion in Christ living and working together for a just, peaceful and reconciled world.

The Lutheran World Federation
Jerusalem Program

In 1948, the LWF quickly responded to the needs of Palestinian refugees by providing food and medicine, opening clinics, and establishing milk and feeding centers and a clothing distribution center.  In 1950, on the Mount of Olives campus in East Jerusalem, LWF Jerusalem began its administration of AVH, a medical center that has evolved over the years and is now a center of excellence specialized in oncology and nephrology. Since 1949, LWF has managed a VTP with campuses located in the Jerusalem municipality (originally on the Mount of Olives campus and, as of 1964, in Beit Hanina) and in Ramallah, as well as outreach programs throughout the West Bank.  LWF Jerusalem has grown from building the capacities of individuals, to increasingly building the capacities of institutions. 

Fact Sheet - LWF Jerusalem Program

Our Vision

In line with International Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law, contribute to ending the occupation so that people of Palestine and Israel, living in just societies in peace and dignity, united in diversity, can meet their basic needs, achieve their full potential, and claim their universal rights to improve their quality of life individually and collectively.

Our Mission

LWF Jerusalem is dedicated to challenge and address the causes and effects of inequality and marginalization by providing quality services to the Palestinian population, reducing poverty through holistic vocational education and training, providing health care services and linking local needs to national and international advocacy. 

Our Core Values

Our values are guided by LWF World Service Core Values and Global Strategy 2019 – 2024. World Service’s work is guided by LWF’s vision of a just, peaceful, and reconciled world, liberated by God’s grace.

The LWF Jerusalem country program strives “for hope and a future in peace and justice”

and our programs are guided by the following values and principles:

Dignity, Human Rights, and Justice

Compassion and Commitment

Inclusion and Diversity

Meaningful Participation

Transparency and Accountability

Humanitarian Principles

Gender Justice

Climate awareness

Our Approach

“Inspired by God’s love for all humanity, World Service is dedicated to challenging and addressing the causes and effects of human suffering and poverty, linking local responses to national and international advocacy”. (from The Lutheran World Federation World Service Global Strategy 2019 – 2024) 

completed by Augusta Victoria Hospital in 2018
working with the LWF Jerusalem Program
received university scholarships in 2017 from LWF Jerusalem
the year the Jerusalem country program began its service