Olive Oil Program

Each year, the Lutheran World Federation Jerusalem Program, located on the Mount of Olives in East Jerusalem, receives a special blessing. After harvesting, olives from the 800 trees on the Lutheran World Federation property are pressed into olive oil. Some of the oil is used in the Augusta Victoria Hospital kitchen to feed patients, family members, and staff. The rest is used in kitchens around the world by friends and visitors of the LWF, whose donations to the AVH Patient Assistance Fund (previously the AVH Fund for the Poor) contribute to the continuation of Augusta Victoria Hospital's life-saving work.

Every year, AVH staff and volunteers from around the world help harvest the olives, beginning in mid-October through November. Please contact us if you are interested in joining the tradition of harvesting olives!


Volunteer with the olive harvest
Olive Oil Program
Ordering Olive Oil

If requested, and as long as the annual supply lasts, donations can be made to the LWF that will be acknowledged with a container of olive oil from the LWF Mount of Olive harvest.  The donations received for the olive oil go to the Augusta Victoria Hospital, which provides a large amount of charity care, and other projects of the LWF Jerusalem program.

Please contact the LWF Jerusalem office or use the form below if you would like to request bottles of olive oil from the Mount of Olives. In order to cover the costs of shipping and handling, LWF Jerusalem can only ship orders amounting to USD 300 or more.

Olive oil will be shipped upon receiving the donation.

Email: info@lwfjerusalem.org

Tel: 972-2-628-2289
Fax: 972-2-628-2628

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Olive Oil Program
Plant an Olive Tree on the Mount of Olives

Through the olive tree, you can support the work of the LWF and Augusta Victoria Hospital. All donations go toward the AVH Patient Assistance Fund (formerly the Fund for the Poor) which helps to cover the costs of transportation, housing, and psychosocial care provided to patients. All of these services are crucial to ensuring access to the healthcare patients need. Individuals, churches, and organizations can have a tree planted on the Mount of Olives along with a commemorative plaque hung in the central office. Please contact us for details.

Oil ordering

International Donations (including shipping)

Minimum order of $300. All prices in USD.