Olive Oil from Mount of Olives


Donations for Olive Oil from the LWF Campus on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem help to support the LWF Vocational Training Program . . . order now and help to support vocational training students this fall.

With your donation for olive oil, you support the students of the LWF Vocational Training Program (VTP). The VTP is a longstanding project of the LWF Jerusalem Program and has provided vocational training to Palestinian youth since 1949. The proceeds of olive oil donations help support this vital program by helping to reduce the fees for students. Since 1949, the VTP has grown immensely and in 2016 served 976 students through one-year and two- year apprenticeship training and short course programs.

Donations from individuals and churches to the Vocational Training Program support the VTP students at our centers in Jerusalem and the West Bank city of Ramallah. Unemployment for Palestinian youth is a persistent issue that accompanies life under occupation and VTP Director, Yousef Shalian, says that he is “happy to be providing hope to Palestinian youth through employment, training, education, and empowerment.”

The olive oil that supports the Vocational Training Program comes from the 500 olive trees on the Lutheran World Federation campus on the Mount of Olives. For about six weeks beginning in mid October, the LWF staff is joined by volunteers from Augusta Victoria Hospital, the Vocational Training Center, and international visitors to harvest the olives. The olives are pressed into oil at a local olive press and then used to generate support for VTP students.

Donations (including shipping)
250mL of olive oil in a plastic bottle = 15 USD
750mL of olive oil in a plastic bottle = 35 USD
(Minimum order of $300)


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