Augusta Victoria Hospital in Jerusalem sends medical team and medications to Gaza


Jerusalem – On Wednesday, 16 May 2018, Augusta Victoria Hospital sent a medical team of doctors and nurses to the Gaza Strip to support the medical teams in the current situation. In addition to sending the team of specialists, medicine and medical supplies which are in short supply in Gaza were also sent.

Monday, 14 May saw an escalation in violence and excessive use of force by the Israeli military against protesters in Gaza and in the past three days, more than 3000 people have been injured. Gaza, which has been under blockade for more than 10 years, has already been facing a crisis of medical personnel, medicine, and supplies. AVH has responded to crises in Gaza in the past. Mr. Walid Nammour, AVH Chief Executive Officer, praised the role of the Palestinian humanitarian team in its work to provide medical assistance to patients and said, “We do not merely sympathize with the people in Gaza, we feel their pain and stand with them.” He stated that it is the duty of AVH to help and support those who are suffering in Gaza.

The medical situation in Gaza continues to be dire and AVH seeks to continue providing assistance as needed.

The Lutheran World Federation called for utmost restraint and work towards the de-escalation of the conflict in a recent statement. The full statement can be read here.