Annual Reports highlight humanitarian, development, and advocacy work

The two annual reports are available for download as resources on the LWF website. Montage: LWF/ S. Gallay

Showing impact and change

(LWI) - The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) has issued two annual reports highlighting its humanitarian, development and advocacy work in 2019. They complement the global LWF Annual Report 2019, which was issued in early May.

Spotlight on human rights

The “Rights-based approach. Local to global 2019” report puts a special focus on the advocacy work of the LWF. Featuring examples from the 11 project countries, it details the LWF work in land rights, rights of marginalized communities, rights of the child, of refugees, and women.

“Advocacy work is not just about policy debates,” says Michael French, LWF Regional representative, and focal point for the Rights-based approach. “In recent years, LWF has intentionally developed a 'local to global' approach through projects linking local level action for change to national and international level advocacy.”

A key role in this process are the Universal Periodic Reviews of the United Nations Human Rights Council. LWF supported local civil society in bringing the voices of marginalized communities to this international forum, with the goal of securing change at local level.

Consolidation of humanitarian work

The LWF World Service Annual Report, already issued in early May, gives an in-depth overview of the LWF humanitarian and development work. Centered around the three programmatic areas of livelihoods, protection and social cohesion, and quality services, it shows some of the achievements from the 25 project countries. In addition, a section gives insight into the emergency response operations 2019 in Bangladesh, Colombia-Venezuela, Mozambique and Syria.

“As you look through this annual report, you will be able to look through the eyes of real people. The refugee girl whose life is made more joyful through participation in sports, the women whose veils have been lifted, the men and women who were welcomed into safe spaces across borders,” says LWF World Service director, Maria Immonen.

“You will be welcomed for a brief moment into their lives and see the opportunities and new beginnings we have been able to build on through hard work, and a persistent belief in a better tomorrow.”